Welcome to the L’ALTRO Family | L'altro

Welcome to the L’ALTRO Family

In L’Altro you are to experience homemade dishes from Italy, served in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere – the modern equivalent to the Italian ‘Antiristorante’ of the 50ties.

‘To eat in the Antiristorante’ means to dine at home, and the down to earth atmosphere makes our restaurant a popular meeting place for hungry city dwellers, families, couples in love and business people in search for the perfect place to pamper their costumers.

Valerio Marandola and Claudio Subacchi welcomes you in the ‘sala’ while cooks Marco Costenaro, Angelo Giugliano and Diana Magni are taking care of the magic in the kitchen. This small group constitutes your Italian foster family, and would be delighted to adopt you into their ‘Famiglia’!