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A dinner party


The more, the merrier – us Italians love to gather friends and family to eat, and a dinner in L’Altro becomes extra cozy when the tables are united. Almost every week we have the pleasure of accommodating groups of many sizes here in Torvegade – the occasions vary from birthdays to wedding receptions and relaxed corporate dinners. Our Antiristorante hosts both – see what we recommend in Casa del Padrone and The Old private Dining Room.

Casa del Padrone

In January 2012 we celebrated the opening of ’Casa del padrone’, where we expanded the restaurant to include the first floor that was before the old appartment of the previous owners. That has added much more space to the premises and means that we can now host up to 50 extra guests on the top floor, and 11 private dining guests in the adjacent private Old private Dining Room. Casa del Padrone is connected to the original restaurant by a beautiful staircase, and is the perfect setting for big, private groups who wants both privacy and a great atmosphere. Please contact us in case you wish to rent our first floor for an evening – we will make sure to pamper you with great food and wines directly from the kitchen and cellar.


The Old private Dining Room

Small groups from 6-11 persons get the perfect intimate feeling in our Separate Dining Room – which was once the restaurant previous owners old bedroom! In here you can enjoy L’Altro’s lively atmosphere without being disturbed by the other guests, and a small, open window allows a peek into the rest of the restaurant. The Old Private Dining Room is a separate facility where you enjoy the evening around a long wooden table, and the room is especially suitable for both families who wishes to celebrate in privacy, and companies who needs to unwind with some great food ‘after work’.