Caffé Toninho

Caffé Toninho

The company was founded in October 1986 by Antonio Pierini, thanks to his passion for the coffee.

At only 19 years, Antonio started to work in the coffee industry, and a day by day his love for coffee grew up.
In these long years of work, Antonio has developed with continuous testing and changes its blend, focusing on costumer’s tastes and increasing his knowledge, but always keeping in mind the taste of Mediterranean “tazzina”.

Taking care of “Robusta” and “Arabica”, Antonio has created a blend using 7 kind of coffee, all from different countries and carefully selected: 3 “Robusta” and 4 “Arabica”, to get a “tazzina” that matches the tastes of the costumers from the North to the South of Italy, and finally also in Denmark.

The most important characteristics of his coffee are: body, acidity, noble aromas and a good persistence on the palate, an exclusive conferred only by high quality coffee.

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